No Upper Front Teeth

Its hard to say exactly what the cause of this individuals teeth loss is attributed to, however a few of the most common causes of tooth decay is, drug use, poor nutrition, including sugary drinks and other junk food products, not to mention poor dental hygiene.

I also heard that using Xylitol as a sweetener can actually be good for your teeth, so you might wanna look into it.

Ren Bad Breath

Ah yes, its the lovably crazy animated cartoon character known as Ren, from the classic animated series Ren & Stimpy.

And if you ever watched the sensational series, you'll remember that poor Ren has some of the worst teeth to ever appear in a cartoon program.

If you can think of any worse, let me know!

Ugly Dirty Teeth

If you are searching for some ugly rotten teeth, you have come to the right website, in fact this guys teeth are so bad, they appear to be ravished by some type of living organism.

If you want some good dental hygiene tips, just do they opposite of what this guy is doing and you should be alright.

Good teeth gone wrong..the squeal!